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What happens if I miss my flight on JetBlue?

Wondering what to do when you miss a flight with JetBlue? Foremost, it’s normal to miss a flight in today’s busy lives. Secondly, JetBlue Airways are always generous with their passengers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about a JetBlue missed flight. But, how does JetBlue consider the passengers who missed their flight? Let’s find out.

What is a JetBlue no-show?

Suppose you left for the airport in time, but a huge traffic jam made you miss your flight. In that case, you will be the no-show for your flight, as you failed to show up on time. Hence, the airline will offer you options as no-show for your missed flight JetBlue, and are entitled to penalties if you do not inform the airline earlier.

Here are the details:

  • If a passenger does not inform the airline about it in advance, all their money associated with the flight ticket will go to waste.
  • There is also a given time window of two hours after the flight departure, in which you need to reach the airport. 
  • After that, the airline will offer you to fly standby with no fee on the next available flight.
  • You can also choose the same-day no-show option and pay a fee varying between your fare options. 
  • You may even get the remaining ticket amount as JetBlue missed flight credit to travel in the future.

Besides, on missing a flight, if you are not eligible for a refund, you can get the taxes back. The airline does not have to pay the taxes bound to passengers. However, you have already paid 25% of the ticket fare. 

Is there a fee for missing a flight?

Passengers who missed their flight will get a seat on the next consecutive flight as standby. This is the key point in JetBlue airlines missed flight policy, which lets you keep your vacation plans intact with no extra fee.

However, if you want, you can get your money back for the same-day no-show. But there will be a certain fee which you must clear to do that. The airline will only offer you money after forfeiting the non-refundable portion of the ticket.

Moreover, to receive a JetBlue missed flight refund, you need to provide them the information at least before the departure or until two hours after the flight. So be proactive and use the same-day change, or fly standby by paying simply 75 USD as a fee.

What is JetBlue’s missed flight Policy?

If you miss your flight with JetBlue Airways, you can fly standby on the next available flight with seats. In other words, it’s like a same-day standby flight change where you can keep your travel plans as they are. 

You just follow the JetBlue missed flight rules, which ask you to pay a certain fee of 75 USD to 200 USD. However, they are as per the fare difference. Also, it allows you a same-day confirmed flight change. However, if the tickets are not eligible for any compensation, you may still get your money back as travel credit.

What is JetBlue’s missed flight 2-hour rule?

Like several other airlines, JetBlue Airways also follows this 2-hour rule. It states that you must reach the airport within two hours of your JetBlue missed flight departure. As a result, you can request the next flight. 

Also, try to ask an airline agent at the airport counter about the current options you have and request a spot on the next available flight. There will not be any charges for you, as you’ll fly as a standby passenger.

What if I miss my connecting flight with JetBlue?

Missing a connecting flight with JetBlue or any other airline is not something only you have experienced. There are many passengers who can miss their connecting flights because of a delay in their first JetBlue itinerary. Or there is an unfortunate event.

As said earlier, there can be many reasons for missing a JetBlue flight:

  • You miss it because of JetBlue Airways in case of a mechanical issue in their flight.
  • The bad weather conditions can also make you miss your connecting flight.
  • It is also possible to miss the flight because of traffic.
  • There is too much crowd at the airport. Therefore, you got stuck at some step of your boarding due to that.

All the cases stand ground for you missing your connecting JetBlue flights. But let’s put a light on how you can tackle these with help from the airline. You can even make use of the missed flight policy for JetBlue Unaccompanied minor. The airline will offer the same options but you have to inform them in advance.

What options do you have when you miss a connecting flight?

After realizing the valid reasons for missing a flight, it’s also important to know what your options are by the airline. Read these steps below and know the JetBlue missed flight options for you:

  • If the mechanical problem is your cause for missing flights, the airline will book you on the next available flight. However, if the next flight is in the morning, the airline will rebook you, and also offer you meals and accommodation as a courtesy.
  • If bad weather conditions let you miss the flight, the airline will give you the next flight booking option, but not the meals or accommodation service.
  • If you missed because of your own fault, the airline will provide you with a new booking. But you may have to pay a change in flight charge and other fare differences.

However, you can avoid this connecting flight missing charges and also make sure you don’t miss your current flight. You can simply dial JetBlue Español team to inform them right away when you feel you can miss your flight.  Or you can connect with one of our experts to know your options. The choice is yours!

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