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How can I add my family to family pooling on JetBlue Booking?

In 2013, JetBlue Announced its new perk with its Trueblue program, i.e., Family Pooling. This perk allowed the passengers to add their family as one in their frequent flyer status, where the points were pooled among the family members. Moreover, JetBlue was the very first airline in the USA to announce this benefit. And most people turned to make JetBlue Booking after this facility.

Furthermore, JetBlue family pooling allows each family to have two adults over 21 years old, and they can take up to 5 kids under 21 years of age. Besides, each of them must have their own Frequent Flyer accounts. Still, they could accumulate a certain percentage of Trueblue points to their family account per JetBlue Booking flight/transaction.

However, now, they have changed this service to JetBlue Points Pooling program. This is a unique way to earn points with family, friends, or even strangers. But on a condition that allows only seven people in one Points Pool. Now let’s see how you can add a family member to the JetBlue Points Pooling program.

How do I add a family member to JetBlue?

If you already have a Family pool service activated, you don’t need to make any changes for taking up the Points Pooling service. Further, all the family Pools have been automatically converted to Points Pools and have the same members as in previous. 

And if you wish to check your present Points Pool total or need to view the balance per member, you can simply check the My Pool Tab on the dashboard. Besides, if you wish to edit the information in the pool, add or remove a member or change usage permissions, it’s easy. You just need to use the manage my pool service.

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How to add a member using the Manage Pool service?

  • If you wish to add a new member to your Family Pool, firstly, you need to log in to your TrueBlue account on the official website.
  • After that, a pop-up window will appear to choose whether the new member is an adult over 21 or a younger child under this specified age.
  • Further, if you are adding a child, you must ensure that he is already enrolled as your Trueblue account part. And if he is not already enrolled, tap on the “Enroll a Child” button at the bottom of the pop-up window. Only then you can continue to make JetBlue Booking with Points and Miles.
  • Finally, the child will be added to your family pool. In contrast, if you wish to add someone else, you can simply enter the invitee’s name along with the email. Thereafter, the airline will send an invitation email to the same.

After sending the invitation via Email, the system will even create a unique URL link for the invite. You can also share with your other apps. So, get ready to book JetBlue Flights Tickets with the benefits of the Family Pooling program.

What are the other purposes of the Manage Pools service on JetBlue Booking?

  • Firstly, you can add new members to the pool. For instance, you can only include six more members to your account to make it seven in total. This number is including you, which is the maximum.
  • Secondly, they allow you to remove the members. Thereby, you can unlink the pooling for a member as you want.
  • Thirdly, they allow you to change the member access. Resultantly, you can decide on whether the pool members can access their own points or the entire pool’s balance. Moreover, you can also allow other members to add their own children to the pool.
  • Lastly, you can review the recent flight activity of the members in your family pool.

Becoming a Member of the Pool

On receiving a member invitation for the Points Pool, you receive an email highlighted as “Exciting” news. Further, you can click on the RSVP now, an option to log in to your existing account or accept the invitation by new TrueBlue account creation.

However, it is important to note that after accepting a Points Pooling invite, your whole points balance is redeemable via the pool. Therefore, make sure that you don’t receive invites from anyone and limit it to closest family or friends. This way, you can still have access to the points.

Redeeming TrueBlue Points from the Points Pooling account

  • Participants can view and monitor the credit pool account activity under the “My Pool” tab on the TrueBlue account dashboard. Still, only the pool leader can manage the credit pool account.
  • Only the leader of the pool and any pool member who has obtained permission for redemption by the leader can redeem points from the TrueBlue account with points pool. 
  • Further, The leader of the pool and any member who has received the redemption privileges can use the points in the pool account without the permission of any other participant in the pool account.
  • When a leader or a member with privileges in redemption redeem points, they will first redeem the personal account of the redemption pool member. 
  • Besides, if the redeemed pool member does not have enough points to use JetBlue Book a flight service. The points based on the earliest date among every participant can be redeemed until there are enough points available for booking.

How is Points Pooling actually different from Family Pooling?

  • Previously, in the Family Pooling program, one could only add two adults over 21 years and up to 5 children under 21 years of age. However, in the revised Points pooling program, JetBlue allows you to pool seven members maximum, whether family or not.
  • Family pooling required the Trueblue members to select a percentage of their points and add them to the pool. In contrast, Points pooling allows the members to contribute 100 percent of their points in this pool.
  • Only the “Head of the Household” could manage the pooled points in the Family pooling system. Whereas, Points pooling allows all the members to leave the pool with their points unused or redeem them somewhere.
  • Family pooling only permitted the “Head of the Household” to redeem pool points. However, in Points pooling, there is a “Pool Leader” of age over 21. Furthermore, this pool leader can also decide who can redeem points in the team.

Important Points to remember before becoming a pool member

  • Every TrueBlue member can only be part of one pool.
  • A pool leader should be at least 21 years or older.
  • It is the responsibility of pool members to add or remove members. Moreover, they can designate which members can redeem the points.
  • Members can also choose to leave the pool any time and take their unused miles with them.

Benefits of Family/Points Pooling

JetBlue’s points pooling program allows up to seven members of a family or seven friends to combine their points and earn awards quickly.

  • When you combine your TrueBlue points together, it makes you earn points as a group. This makes it easier and quicker for future travel benefits.
  • Moreover, you could contribute the points to your points pooling account initially while you join. Furthermore, you can also add these points for a zero transfer fee.
  • Besides, tracking these pool points is super easy. And once the points are ready, the Pool Leader can redeem these points for award flights.

Mosaic and other TrueBlue program rewards

Whether you are eligible for TrueBlue Mosaic and any other TrueBlue rewards or offers depends entirely on your personal travel and the number of TrueBlue points you earn personally. The points earned by other participants in the points pool account do not count towards your eligibility for TrueBlue Mosaic or any other TrueBlue offers, badges, or bonuses. In order to be eligible for Mosaic benefits, participants must use the same PNR as a Mosaic member.

You can call the JetBlue Espanol team to know more about this service and enjoy your award travel to the maximum.

Bottom Line

JetBlue’s Family Pooling plan is already the only major plan in the United States. This allows all families to share points for free (although more than 21 airlines worldwide allow sharing of points to some extent). Now that it has been expanded to allow members to communicate with up to six other friends and family members, JetBlue easily leads in ease of use and sharing of points.

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